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Thread: Importance of quad training for raw powerlifter

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    Importance of quad training for raw powerlifter

    How important are they? I have a dynamic effort day right now for my lower body and a max effort. Right now I only do quad work on the ME day after my squat/deadlift. I have hamstring work on both days.

    Also, what are some good ways to hit the quads? (please no leg presses or leg extensions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athos View Post
    you're an intelligent guy... but you're also half #$%&ing crazy... and that my friend is the formula for a great powerlifter.
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    Depends on where you're weak

    Bulgarian split squats are good, they're a smaller exercise that won't kill you, but are tough
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    Pause squats, high-bar squats, front squats.
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    IMO, I think strong quads play a role in geared and raw squatting. Like mentioned above, you can do front squats, bulgarian split squats, lunges, step-ups, or even some close stance squats to a low box.
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    Since everyone has already covered everything i'll add Backward sled dragging for RE/hypertrophy work.

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    I find whenever I stand really close I hit my quads. Whether its front or back squatting, leg press or hack squat, a close stance gets the quads. And with single leg stuff you just need to take shorter steps. Long steps hit the hams and glutes more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Hopper View Post
    or even some close stance squats to a low box.
    These helped me out a lot. I also liked doing them with a safety squat bar.

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    I credit step ups for alot of ours guys quad strength.
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    Why not leg presses and leg extentions. Squats, leg presses and leg extentions have been 95% or more of my quad work for most of my lifting life and I've squatted 650 raw and 900+ geared at over 50. They've served me very well.
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