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Thread: Chocolate Nitrean Sale

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    Chocolate Nitrean Sale

    Through Wednesday, March 23rd our number one selling product Nitrean 4.6 lbs chocolate is on sale! Save a HUGE $8 per jug (now only $46.95)!

    Nitrean is the protein of choice for all walks of the iron game life:

    - The strongest athletes in the world use Nitrean. In fact, several of the all-time records and totals in powerlifting were fueled by Nitrean.

    - Menís and Womenís Health magazines recommend Nitrean. Menís Health has picked Nitrean as the best protein for men 3 years running (2008, 2009, and 2010)!

    Chocolate Nitrean 4.6 lbs is now a unique product on our site (one page for vanilla and one for chocolate) so no code is needed. There is no limit, so order as many as you like and save BIGGGGGGG!!!

    Direct link=
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    Mmmmmmm, chocolate Nitrean is my fav! Stock up if there's any left.

    Supplements I currently take: Nitrean , BCAA , Creatine 500 , Multi-Plus , Fish Oil

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    Mine just came in the mail today. I have some ON left over but I wanted to try Nitrean, this is my first time trying it.

    This is no BS, I've been honest that I don't like the taste of Results (I take it anyway for the, uh, results). This stuff tastes excellent. In 2% milk it tastes like a chocolate milkshake with some coffee flavor. I still like how ON tastes but I will just keep it for backup or cooking or whatever. I was skeptical of all the people that say it tastes great but it actually, really does.

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