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Thread: How to Reset

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    How to Reset

    I am new lifter with a few months experience. I'm currently trying WS4SB III. I have not progressed on my ME indicator lifts or weight in two weeks. I've have raised my calories by 300 additional per day.

    I tested my one rep max on a bench press at 195 before I started.
    I did 165 x 5 the first week.
    I only got 175 x 3 the second.
    I only got 170 x 3 the third.

    Moving forward what do I do? Do I go back to 165 x 5?

    Also, I had planned to switch my ME lifts every three weeks from my current bench press/box squat to an incline bench press/deadlift. Should I switch exercise still, or stick with the ones I'm using until I get the calories worked out?

    Here's the log for any info you may need:

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