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Thread: How to make "The Hulk" shake from smoothie king?

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    How to make "The Hulk" shake from smoothie king?

    Here is a list from an employee but he didn't know what kind of complex carb powder to use. What brands of carb, soy proten, egg protein, wheat germ, etc. would you recommend?

    1 Scoop of banana
    2 scoops strawberries (the kind thats in syrup, you can get them in a bucket in the frozen food section next to the normal stawberries)
    1.5 scoops Hagen Daz butter peacan ice cream
    1 scoop muscle milk weight gainer
    2 teaspoon egg protein powder
    1 tablespoon soy protein powder
    2 squirts honey
    2 tablespoon turbinado (raw sugar)
    a little scoop of powdered milk
    50cc scoop of the complex carb powder we had
    a little bit of vanilla extract
    a little wheat germ

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    There are better recipes on this site I'm sure and a little reading here would teach you how to make a better one.

    The only complex carb powder I know of is Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin while technically a complex carb is just a bunch of dextrose molecules linked together. In short it's pure sugar and devoid of all nutritional value.

    If you used ground oats instead of Malto you've have a solid base of a meal.

    If you want to make this because you think it's of value to bodybuilders then keep reading.

    If you want to make this because it tastes good, well, it tastes good because it's loaded with sugar.

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    I avoid soy protein.
    Using haagen dazs would be a waste. Just use one of those 1 gallon cheapo tubs.
    I agree with the ease oats for the complex carb or just throw in some left over rice. I have previously just bought whatever whole grain cereal was cheap and throw it in. I have a vitamix. It demolecularizes that shit!
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