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Thread: Swimming for Cardio

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    Swimming for Cardio

    Hello all,
    Summer has started and I would like to shed a lot of body weight. I have cut out snacks(sugar, etc.) and am eating more healthy foods. I would like to do some cardio to help lose some weight. I don't want to run because it is to hard, and I have heard it is bad for weightlifters. Would swimming be a good cardio workout? I remember a post even saying it helped build upper body strength and mass. I would also like any tips on losing body fat, but gaining muscle mass. Thanks.

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    Swimming is a great as cardio. Running is not bad for either bodybuilders, you should run or jog.

    For tips on losing fat and gain muscle just look around the site there are plenty of good peices of info floating around.

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    Swimming is a great upper body workout, I just find that it sometimes doesn't help me recover too well from a gym session.

    Running is fine also, and you can probably get your heart rate up a little higher running than swimming, especially if you aren't a graet swimmer.

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    Swimming is the ****. If I had a pool, it'd be my cardio because it works really well PLUS it helps build upper body muscle. Hell, I might not even lift while cutting if I had a swimming pool. =o...=D

    I just use my cousin's pool when I can though.


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