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Thread: Do they tell u how much weight to use....

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    Do they tell u how much weight to use....

    How can u put a team together does it have to be an affilate team or can it be a bunch of buddies.... and just enter as a team...can u enter both single and team...and last thing women and men are seperate teams correct...

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    I'm not sure what your first question is asking (do they tell you what weight to use).

    To the second question (I presume you're talking about the open competition), the answer is yes. From what I saw, the team members were usually the really good athletes from their gym, but not athletes expecting to make it to regionals or finals. Also, if I remember correctly the team competition actually occurred after the individual WODs were complete (there werent any weekly open team WODs from what i renember) so any athlete making it to regionals would be able to opt out of team competition, since no one in their right mind would compete in the individual regionals AND team competition.

    Anyone can compete. ANYONE. Josh Bridges, the second or third place overall last year, trains at home--no affiliate gym. You just have to either do the workout at an affiliate, or make and submit a video filmed to their specifications.
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    If you are talking about the Open, the rules should be coming out soon. Rumors after last year are that this year you'll have to declare team or individual upfront. Last year, you could compete as an individual and then join a team. Most teams were from affiliates, individuals could either train on their own or at a CrossFit gym.

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