Week before last, at 350lbs squats, my right knee started hurting a little. I have had these aches and pains off and on since starting SS. That Wednesday it was still hurting and I went ahead and squatted the 355lbs and it seemed to aggravate it more. Still hurting but, I went ahead and squatted the 360lbs on Friday morning. It all felt great but, it started hurting even more.

I took all of last week off to let it heal or whatever it was going to do. It hurt that Saturday and Sunday to just walk around but, by Monday it was pretty much gone. Hadn't bothered me at all.

This morning I could "feel" where the pain was coming from just like the week before. It feels like it's in the inner right knee. Almost (or right at) where the joints meet. I'm not familiar with tendentious and maybe that's what it is but, no idea. Hopefully some of you can help me figure it out in these three videos I took this morning.

Is there anything I'm missing (besides my left arm) or anything that stands out what might be causing it?

One cool thing. I had to tighten up my belt by one hole. :P