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Referring to a bagel as a cheat food, a bagel is white flour, white flour is crap. I have never read anything from someone who's opinion I valued who said white flour was good.

Cutting is very person dependent. I know quite few guys who eat a crap diet, don't work out very hard and have full 6 packs. It's genetic. Now IMO people who are endomorphs need a lower carb diet to get lean because they don't have the proper insulin response and that's why they hold fat so well.
Why exactly do you think its crap? It has nutrients other foods don't. And how would someone not lose fat eating white food if they were in a caloriie deficit? Bagels don't defy thermodynamics. It sounds like you're just quoting internet gurus you've read. Saying "clean foods" is so grossly over simplified that it does not belong in nutrition.