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Thread: mechanics of the box squat

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    mechanics of the box squat

    hi all,
    new lifter trying to nail down the fundamentals of the box squat. would appreciate some insight to the following questions:

    1) is the 'spreading the floor' with the sides of your feet done throughout the entire movement?

    2) the recurring phrase is "the box squat is essentially a leg curl" and one should more-or-less be "legcurling" themselves up from the bottom. provided your legs are quite a bit out in front of your knees and the weight is (obviously) behind you, i don't understand how this is physically possible.

    3) what are the elements of getting out of the bottom position? i'm trying to engage my hamstrings as best i can but it always seems to turn into more of a standing leg press.

    4) being 6'6", is it "normal" for folks of my height to have a bit more trouble with the squatting learning curve than people with normal height?

    any guidance is appreciated
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    Watch this video for PERFECT box squat form. Mimic what Laura is doing and you will be golden.


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