Itís Halloween time, and Halloween is a mixture of scary stuff and great treats. In honor of the season we have decided to offer our customers a scary deal by treating them to great savings!

*** Note, this will be our LAST and BEST sale of the year.

We have done free shipping in the past. We have done 15% off your cart total sales in the past. We have NEVER done BOTH at the same time. Guess what our Crazy Halloween Sale is? Yep, both FREE shipping AND 15% off your cart total!!! That is some serious savings! The sale will be for in-stock AND pre-order items, so order now!

Sale Runs from Wed. 10/24 to Sat. 10/27

How to get the savings:

- Enter the code scary in the discount coupon code section of the shopping cart page.

- Select the free shipping button on the checkout page.

Itís that simple. By the way, this isnít just our best sale of the year; it is our best sale EVER! Take advantage of this very limited time offer now!

*** Special note, all products on pre-order now have solid production and therefore shipping dates which are updated on their respective product pages. All dates are within just over a week from now. Moving forward, we have made arrangements with suppliers which should eliminate, or at the very least greatly mitigate any future pre-order situations.