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Thread: Skinny fat guy trying to cut for summer

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    Skinny fat guy trying to cut for summer

    Well I was 173lb 6'0" 3 months ago and now am 167lb. I haven't lost much fat, still have 1-2 inches around the gut with some love handles. Goal is to be able to get rid of this belly fat completely.

    My routine is 3 day split with compound exercises:
    Chest/shoulders: bench, dips, overhead press, flys, tricep push down
    Back/bi's/abs: lats, rows, standing raise, sit-ups/leg raises
    Legs: leg press (can't do squats or DL due to back injury) leg curls, leg ext, calfs
    Cardio: HIIT for 15-17 min on bike 2-3/wk

    My diet I log every day, average is:

    Calories 2700
    Fat 108g
    Carb 174g
    Protein 218g

    I have lost more muscle than I wanted and not enough fat,
    My lifts have suffered but I kept the weight the same meaning less reps, usually 5-8.
    I maintain at 3000 Calories and decided to start by dropping to 2700.
    I bulk at 3200. I don't understand what I did wrong? Or if I'm on the right track?
    I have stopped losing weight but am afraid to drop calories more due to losing so much muscle already despite lifting 3-4/week with intensity. Please help.

    Also please no criticisms about me needing to bulk more etc etc right now my goal is get lean without losing too much muscle.
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    Any cardio is going to be eating into your muscle when you're in a deficit. Especially HIIT.

    If you insist on doing some cardio, do some light and EASY steady state cardio and make it immediately after your weight sessions.

    Other than that, you're on the right track, in my own (humble and inexperienced) opinion!
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    Like Gazzy said, take care with the amount of cardio you are doing and stay away from HIIT if you want to keep your muscle mass for long.
    If you really want to get into HIIT, once a week would suffice.. just check your caloric intake and make sure you stay in a deficit

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    Good luck with your program

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzk View Post
    Also please no criticisms about me needing to bulk more etc etc right now my goal is get lean without losing too much muscle.

    You do know what the name of the forum is right?

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    I'll take HIIT over a longer duration steady state medium or high intensity any day while cutting.
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