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    Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

    Whatsup everyone? I posted my TKD journal on a different thread and that diet definitely didnt work for me. I didnt have the discipline or the ability to sick to the sh*tty amount of junk food. For me I have to have binge days to keep my head straight otherwise I am going to go crazy depleting my glycogen stores and never refilling them. Thats just me though.

    Anyway today is the first day of my diet and I am really pumped to see what kind of results I will be getting... have any of you tried a CKD before? What kind of results should I expect? I am 17 years old, 5'11", 225 lbs., with a too much flab. My chest and abs are very very flabby and need to lose probably 20-30 lbs. to get ripped. Thats just a rough estimate though.

    I will be cycling fat-burners everyday along with taking creatine & glutamine postworkout... although I dont believe it will do too much without the simple sugars to spike my insulin levels. I am thinking about 5g creatine + 5g glutamine on tranining days & 20-30g creatine on my loading day.

    I will doing a 6 day low/zero carbs and a 1 day loading session. I understand that its usually 5 days and 2 days of loading or 36 hours loading but I am going to go strictly for fat-loss so I moved over to an 7 day cycle designed strictly for fat-loss.

    I am starting today on Thursday, May 24, 2001... so I am going to do 7 days in ketosis to make sure my body deals well with it and load starting next Thursday so all of my loading days are on Fridays.

    My split will go something probably go something as follows... (I go in order of what needs most work)
    Day 1 Delts, Traps
    Day 2 Biceps, Triceps
    Day 3 REST
    Day 4 REST
    Day 5 Back, Traps*
    Day 6 Chest(load starting postworkout)*
    Day 7 CARB LOAD (rest)
    *Day 5 & Day 6 alternated to hit different muscle groups with the surplus of incoming carbs.

    I am going to read all about a CKD the next couple hours so if I feel like I am doing something completely wrong like not including a depletion workout or anything like that I will post today from school and change everything around. My philosophy with this split was to hit weak points right after a carb-load to really tear them up when my glycogen levels are at their highest. I dont know Ill post later on today... Peace.

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    You should do your tension workouts the first days, 1 & 2... then day 5 should be a grueling depletion workout, which, then... the carb loading begins.

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    Well today is the first day of my CKD and I just woke up. I just read up a LOT of information on a CKD and Ill get back on here and repost my program and everything like that. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO flabby right now its not even funny from th last few days of binging straight. Well I better get going peace out.

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