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Thread: Cardio necessary?

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    Cardio necessary?

    If I am trying to gain size, should I bother doing cardio, or would it just inhibit my muscle growth? I used to do tons of cardio, but I wasn't gaining any muscle, so I completely cut it out. I eat pretty clean and workout 4 times a week. Should I start doing at least some cardio each weak to avoid getting fat?
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    I would cut cardio down to maybe 2 30 min. sessions a week.

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    Everyone reacts differently to cardio. Some people can do hours of cardio, workout, and still gain. Others can't do more than 5 minutes of cardio before they've blown their load. You have to look at yourself and your goals. How much cardio can YOU do and still workout effectively? How does the cardio affect you reaching your goals? Answer those questions for yourself and you should be able to answer your original question. Good luck.

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    just as sat fever said . On a personal note I would still add cardio maybe 2-3 a week of light intensity, like stepper for 20 min-30 min


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