I have a Cap Barbell threaded EZ-Curl bar, but the threaded thing makes me crazy, so I bought another curl bar in a sports store the other day with smooth ends on it (I use standard plates).

When I got it home I noticed that the Cap EZ-Curl bar was much straighter. The new one has about a six-inch flat in the center and the spots where you grip it are much more angled--your hands are almost neutral grip on this one, whereas on the EZ-Curl bar, they are closer to where they'd be with a straight bar, only slightly turned in, if that makes sense.

I was going to give the threaded bar away, but I'm wondering, there is such a difference in the grip angle on these two, should I keep both for a different feel. Do they work the muscles significantly differently? I know the newer bar is more comfortable for me for french presses.

I prefer the new one both for the smooth ends and the feel. It feels better.