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Thread: BFL Cardio

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    BFL Cardio

    Damn this thing is real hard stuff....tried it for the first time yesterday and I couldn't go on to level 9 .....gruelling to say the least....added this to my routine for a change...cycling between high intensity cardio and moderate intensity cardio....Anyone tried the BFL workout here? and what are the benefits of doing a short interval heavy intensity workout?



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    BFL cardio? Is that like MaxOT? I like MaxOT cardio. I alternate between 1 week of MaxOT and 1 week of longer distance medium intensity cardio.

    btw...did you ever get the good running shoes? If not, I saw a cheap pair of the Saucany Stabilos we talked about. I could get them and mail them to ya if you want. I really think it's important in the long run to get a good pair of shoes, esp. to maintain healthy joints.

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