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Thread: Optimal Macronutrients

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    1.) I noticed a few members prefer the 40/30/30 macronutrient profile. I was wondering if these percentages (theoredicly) are best for gaining muscle mass, losing body fat, or both?

    2.) I'm naturally lean (not skin and bones though). Would a 30/40/30 diet work better for increasing size?

    3.) Anyone interchanged a diet of 40/30/30 (for cardio days) and a diet of 30/40/30 (for lifting days) through the week? What resulted?

    I must sound like a psycho between all of my posts. Just looking for some more input.
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    What percentages are you working with now?

    What are your specific goals?
    Is what you are doing working?
    If not, then what is your opinion of why it is not working?

    We can go from there,
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    Actually Missabs, I'm using 40/30/30 right now and consuming approximately 2100 calories cause I'm cutting. And yes, slowly seeing results. Probably about 10-11% bf right now.

    At the end of February, I plan on begining the wanna be big routine and am a little confused on the amount of carbs I should consume, or if it even matters. I plan on eating at least 3000 calories, I'm about 180 lbs right now. My primary concern will be muscle size and stength; however, like everyone else, I prefer not to put on a lot of fat either.
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    I was reading my old "Flex"'s last night and i read that a ratio of 60% carbs 20% protein and 20% fat was the best for building muscle.
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    the actual quanities are more important than ratios. as you need so much fat in your diet to keep test levels high etc rather than go for a ratio. the same with protein you require so much for your muscle building while excess can be used as a energy source carbs are a preffered energy source.
    females are better at handling a higher fat diet than men on a ratio scale, but as when i start a reply i can not see your personal info i do not know which you are.
    3,000 kcal is roughly about right but to you start the routine and gain or loose fat i can not definetly predict what will happen over the internet. if you eg start to gain fat lower your kcals intake slightly to compensate or if not gaining increase to compensate. tinker the amount when you start the routine.

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