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    I am curently trying to put on size while kepting my body fat low. i am 18, 9 % bf,160lbs 5' 9"

    1 cup oats
    5-6 egg whites
    1 tbs flax seed

    Protein bar ( the only reason is i am in class an we are not allowed to eat anything.)

    1 chicken breast
    2 slice whole wheat

    5:00(post workout)
    1-2 cup oats
    can tuna

    Protien Shake 2 servings
    Cottage cheese.

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    Where's the 2:30 meal? These meals are too small if you want to gain some muscle mass. Good contents, just not enough.

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    Hmm at a glance I would say your diet could be improved greatly...

    First have you worked out how many calories you consume ? Looking at that hardly any..

    Also between 11.30 - 5 you go 5 hours withou food. This will slow down your metabolism and will not put you in the best fat burning mode you need to be in...

    Also that 11.30 meal is not really enough so it makes it worse. (Sneak outta class and downa shake )

    I would try and determine your total calories and try and throw in a couple of more meals if I were you... I am sure you need more..

    Hope that helps..

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    Ditto to what Gino said....

    Eat, also would put in some more complex carbs if you really want to grow.
    Dieting is a Sport-Eat to Win!

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    Thanks Once i make the right adjustment i will post again

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