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Thread: Wholewheat or Buttermilk Pancakes for dinner.

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    Wholewheat or Buttermilk Pancakes for dinner.

    I seen some pancakes at my store for $4.00, they are low in sodium and fat and have some carbs but not that much. Wholewhear pancakes are %100 wheat and buttermilk doesn't seem to bad either.

    I was thinking on having that with some sugarless maple syrup, I'm kinda hungry and I've just about had enough Natty/tuna for today.

    Should I eat it?
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    Uhh, how about telling us what your doing right now? Trying to gain weight, lose weight, maintain weight?
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    Well, if you are gonna eat pancakes, I would choose wheat. Has some healthy benefits to eat (like cutting down your chances of diabetes).
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