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    Hi..I'm new here...although I have met a number of you at one time or another. I am migrating here from another forum and wanted some fresh ideas or advice from members here. Currently, I'm 148lbs, and I've been training for about 9 months seriously. My bf% is around 12-14% and I'm looking to put some serious mass on. I won't talk diet here...I'll save that for the appropriate forum. I was more interested in my routine. This is what I've been doing for the past 6 weeks, 3 times a week (sun, tues, thurs):

    Squats 1X 20
    Deadlifts 2 X 8-10
    Incline Bench 2 X 8-10
    Shoulder Press 2 X 8-10
    Pull-ups 25 reps
    Shrugs 2 X 8-10
    Frech Press 1 to failure
    Calves once a week
    Preacher Curls once a week to failure
    Dips 25 reps

    My goal is to reach 165lbs by the June. I'm not really worried about bodyfat as much as other people are because my metabolism is insane. Supps?? Multivitamin and protein shakes every morning and an extra one on post workout.

    I was thinking about changing my routine to give me something fresh. Are my excercises selection okay?
    As well, I've been reading a lot about training to failure on some posts here. Can someone give me an idea of that? Do you mean every single set should go to failure? I have tonnes of other questions but I'll let you guys feast on these for now. Thanks everyone!! And HULK..if you read this, shoot me an email...I have some questions.

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    even though full body workouts have there place it is not the best way to go while trying to gain size....... break up your body in a three day split...... the first day should be the most important one.... ie: the body part you want to focus on....... don't worry to much about what muscles to put together but just think about what exercise works what muscle.... in other words try and stay away from putting triceps after the day you work chest and shoulders....... there is an inverse relationship between the # of reps and the # OF sets you do..... the more reps you do the less your sets your body can handle...... the lower the reps the more sets one can handle..... a rough guide to go by is to try keeping your sets under 12...... again this is a rough guide but I find with most people they tend to lean towards overtraining so if kept under 12 you will be fine........ also working to failure is when you are no longer able to lift the weight anymore and may need some assistance with the weight......
    remember, an exercise is only as good as the time it takes for a muscle to adapt to it...

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    there is an inverserelationship between the # of reps and the # OF sets you do..... the more reps you do the less your sets your body can handle...... the lower the reps the more sets one can handle....

    Are there any studies that proove this theory?

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    Papaya,one does not need a study to realize that there is a inverse relationship that exists between time and intensity.
    As time or lenght of a activity increases your levels of intensity will drop.

    Stated otherwise you simply cannot train at a high level of intensity for a long period of time.

    Example:You lift 90 pounds 6 xs to failure resting 60 secs,as time or volume increase your intensity will decrease,do you think that you could keep lifting the same weight to failure(concentric) as your volume of sets increased?
    Maybe for another 1 or maybe 2 sets depending on your work ethic and other variables.But after you would start lifting lighter and lighter as you kept going.

    I am defining intensity as resistance that is lifted closest to ones 1RM.
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