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Thread: Best Way to do pullups

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    Best Way to do pullups

    I just got a pullup bar today, whats the best way to do these. With my hands facing in or out? I want to target the lats as much as possible.

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    We need a pullups sticky.

    Here's my opinion: Do them with hands facing away. Always. Except when you want to do them with hands facing, and then do them that way. Switch your grip all of the time. But do a lot of them. Here's where I get away from standard advice: Do a LOT of them. 30+/day, 3 times a week. Treat them like an endurance exercise and eventually they'll be VERY easy. I don't think it's overtraining.

    Anyway, always use shoulder width apart (NOT wide) to reduce rotator cuff problems.

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    Here's my opinion, do whatever this guy says because, well damn, look at his back:

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    Works for me. My pullups suck. I'll do anything to improve them.

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