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Thread: Ahh Nutz!

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    Well, just a question I'd like to pose to people who are better educated in the area then me...

    Nuts. Which are the best? I've read reports/editorials/stories on all the different types, but none of the material I've read has ever reached a conclusion on what the best type of nut to eat is.

    I know that soy nuts are high in protein, and that peanuts (which aren't actual nuts, but I'll add them here anyway) have good ratios and can curb your appitite, almonds are high in Vit E, etc etc...

    Can anyone tell me what the best overall nut is? or at least what is the highest in protein etc etc...

    Thanx for any replies
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    Well I tend to go for Raw plain ole peanuts..

    very easy to help you bump up fat and protein ni your meals with little extra carbs...

    Also being raw they donlt have salted rubbish in them...

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