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Thread: Can you play a sport in college that you didn't play in high school?

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    Can you play a sport in college that you didn't play in high school?

    I've always wondered this.

    When I was in high school I always wanted to go out for wrestling. I didn't though because of the shape I was in and my relationship with the coach.

    Now that I am about over with community college (have a year left), and am getting in shape, I seriously want to try my hand at wrestling.

    I immagine that competing at the collegient (sp?) level in a sport you didn't do in high school isn't easy, but is it possible? Can a person with no prior high school experience even try out?

    If it is possible, what would you suggest to get ready. Obviously being in shape is one, but would some wrestling camps be good too?

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    I'm pretty sure at a community college especially you can participate pretty easily. Might be better to ask the athletic department, rather than a bunch of meatheads on a message board
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    If you are good at the sport (ie baseball, hockey) and play a lot I see no problem. But with wrestling from first hand experience it's all built on fundamentals. It will be very hard for you to be competitive with the limited knowledge and experience you have. But don't worry about and go out and have fun and learn.

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    If you are serious about this then you need to go to some wrestling camps or do whatever you can to learn the basics and get some mat time, pronto. The coaches aren't going to hold your hand and slow their practices down to get you up to speed. They expect everyone at the college level to know how to wrestle already. Getting some live wrestling experience will also tell you if you are really in shape. I had the illusion I was in shape the first year I went out for wrestling too.

    If they let you try out, go for it. You will probably be humiliated but at least you gave it a shot and won't have any regrets about never trying.

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    Some colleges have club or team sports similar to those they have a varisty team. The club teams especially are like the jv versions of college teams. Your school might have a club team that you could get some mat time with and help you get started. Plus if you've never done it before, it'd be a better way of getting acquinted with it rather than putting so much time and effort into making the cut only to find out later that its not what you want to do.
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    No. If you try you will be shot.

    Seriously. what kind of question is this


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