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Thread: Why is my appetite gone?

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    Why is my appetite gone?

    I'm a growing boy, I have a healthy appetite. I was healthily eating aroun 3000- 4000 (w/ junk) calories a day.. but lately, my apetite is gone.

    Here are the factors in my life that have happened (and maybe caused change):

    school is out.
    No more stress
    i drink a little bit more now(still not too much, too often)
    i go to sleep same time, 1, but wake up around 11, or 12 now
    i usually go out in the sun for a little bit in the mornin
    i ride my bike more

    i cant figure out why my apetite is gone
    il just wake up and not want to eat anything, whereas i usually woulda wolfed down a chicken breast or two or three (if ample hot sauce was provided) and an ensure (250 cals) and a protein bar (200 cals)
    but now all i can do is try to choke down an opticen in the mornin...

    any help?? any supplements that will help? anyone have this happen to them?? I've lost about 2 pounds b/c of not eating enough.
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    Add a daily trip to Wendy's in there.

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    Maybe more rested? Doesn't really matter whether you are hungry or not, you should still eat if you don't want to lose weight.
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    maybe start going to sleep and waking up a decent hour. I would also take it easy on the drinking.
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    I had this problem for a while too, except I would throw up if I ate too much. Are you taking any medications, because I think that's what did it for me.

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    You should try to find out the cause of the problem and fix that but in the mean time you could try drinking some peppermint tea. The menthol is supposed to stimulate the production of stomach acid which in turn stimulates appetite.

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    My key to eating right was waking up early enough to eat a full breakfast, rather than waking up shortly before lunch.


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