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    first sorry for before spelling your name without a h, my brother name is the same but he spells it without the h....anyways i think this is going to be the next routine im going to do and i wanted to know what you think, im tring to improve cardiovascular stuff with super sets. like do 1 set of bench then go with no rest to puldowns then rest then do know?

    monday-chest & back
    3* bench press with pulldowns
    3* incline press with bent rows

    3* squats with leg curls
    3* leg extensions with stiff leg deadlifts
    3* calf raises / tib(front of calf) raises

    thursday-delts & traps
    3* military press with db shrugs
    3* side cable laterals with bent cable laterals

    2* bb curls with pulley pushdowns
    2* rope cable curls with lying tricep extensions
    3* rev. barbell curls with standing bb wrist curls

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    OK, I think the routine looks pretty good overall. As a superset program, I think it looks pretty good except for arm day. I have never liked rope cable curls. Use a different exercise for a substitute. I am also not a big believer in direct work for the forearms. Wait a minute, I also have a little problem with the leg day. You are doing excessive work. For your leg day, try this giant set: Start off by warming up on the leg press. Then set up a weight you can do for 10-12 reps to failure. Make sure you also set up the leg extension machine and the squat rack. The leg extension should be set with about 20% less weight than you normally use for 12 reps. The squat should have about 65% of the weight you would normally be able to use for 12 reps. Now, start off by doing the leg press to failure. Immediately follow that (zero rest) with leg extensions to failure. With absolutely no rest, jump on the squat rack and go to failure. After this giant set you will be jello! You will not want to do any more, and you will be breathing like a freight train! Are the sets you have listed including warmups or not? If they do not, then I recommend you drop the working sets to 2 instead of three on all days.

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