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Thread: Nitrean and Creatne 500 review

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    Nitrean and Creatne 500 review

    Well I just got my order of Nitrean and Creatine 500 yesterday. I got chocolate nitrean and I must say it's great tasting compared to others I've taken. I used to always use nitro-tech because I always heard it was the best tasting protein powder out there. Well that's def. not true! I'm actually excited for my next protein shake now... instead of just drinking it as fast as I can while trying not to taste it.

    I'm also impressed at how well the Creatine 500 mixes in juice. I put it in my shaker... give it a few shakes... and I can't even tell it's in there. Thanks a lot At Large nutrition. You make good products and I've been telling all my friends about you.
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    Thanks for the awesome comments! Please spread the word about us on the net as well.

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    xlerate9, glad you liked the products.

    Thanks, we appreciate the nice comments and your support

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