New to this, so it's gonna be sweet and short for now.


Woke up at 11:30--slept 8.5 hours--one of my best

Ate oatmeal, drank whey protein shake(included carrots, a banana, oj, honey, tsp creatine and whey protein, plus two raw egg whites); and ate one sunny-side up egg because I was craving it. --12:30 pm

Actually drank that shake until 3:30 pm--also took my 2 pills of L-glut, chondro, and multi-v

Ate two turkey and cheese sandwiches at 5:30, plus a whey protein shake again (only water, Oj, and whey this time); took pills again

Worked out legs--squat 180, leg pull ups 90, deadlifts 100, calves 90 and 270--7-8 pm

Drank the morning type shake after workout, took pills once again
ate fish, broccoli and zucchini (yellow one). 9:15pm

Now I expect to eat a tuna sandwish before hitting bed and perhaps drinking a opti-pro meal shake

Let me know what you guys think, I KNOW I can do better, so give me some tips.