Well here is my story. I have about a year to get into better shape(nothing like a time frame for motivation).

I posted questions on another well known forum and people were really mean told me to read this read that. The problem is what they told me to read gave me many different options and at the end I was more confused than before.

My Goal: I want to take a Police officer exam and need to be in better shape so I can pass the test.

My current specs: I am 5'10" 230(down from 265)

I need help on a diet that will allow me to loose weight and build muscle. I also need some advice about exercise.

To go from 265 to 230 I did a low carb diet, but I lost too much muscle and was unable to gain muscle when I was on it.

So I would like help with a diet plan that will allow me to build muslce and lose fat.

I am going to be working out at home so I will tell you the equipment I have:

1) a home gym
2) a weight bench
3) a recumbant bike

My largest problem is diet I dont know what to eat.

Any advice would be appreciated. I am not looking for a quick fix I want to make a lifestyle change. Thank you for your time.