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Thread: Trainer suggests lower protein intake??

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    Trainer suggests lower protein intake??

    Today I just had a talk with one of the nutritionist/physical trainers at the gym I go to. She had a look at one of my fitday journal days and she was flipping out because she thinks I'm having way to much protein. My daily totals on average usually amount to 2600-2800 cals with about 70g fat/ 285g carbs/ 255 protein. She suggests that I should only be taking in 90g of protein per day. I weigh 198 by the way. She also said that if I take more than this, then all the excess protein will be stored as fat. She's a nice girl so I didn't want to argue with her that much, so I just kept nodding my head, lol.

    Any input on this?

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    I would keep your macros the same especially if you are acheiving your goals. Protein is not the thing to cut. and if you took out 160 g of protein that would mean that you would need 4*160 cals (i dont like math) to make up for it and keep you out of a deficit

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    What a load of nonsense. Why don't you ask her to log on and read that!

    Read this. Then have a talk with her again.
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    By the way, she's a MS in health promotions and a BS in exercise physiology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maki Riddington
    What a load of nonsense. Why don't you ask her to log on and read that!

    Read this. Then have a talk with her again.
    i agree
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    i would agree that she has a BS (bullsh!t) degree.

    most trainers dont know much more than how to cheat people out of their money. here is one of my favorite lines i have overheard trainers at the gym say:

    "you don't need to worry about diet unless you want to LOSE weight, as long as you keep coming to the gym and lifting you'll get bigger!"
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