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Thread: wanting to build mass please advise

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    wanting to build mass please advise

    Alright Guys, and Gals. Let me first introduce myself since this is my first post. My name is Alex, and im 20 years old residing in SC. I am 6ft tall, and weigh 200lbs. I'm in the military (army), and currently deployed in Iraq. While im here i've decided that im going to get myself into the best shape possible. My goal from bodybuilding is to gain 20lbs, and to add mass to my physique. I've only been here for two months, and suppose to stay here for 12 so it can be done. With the hot weather here, it will be very easy to go on a cutting cycle to shred unwanted pounds, and fat.

    First im going to start off with what I eat so then we can move onto what workouts I do. Being out here there isn't a big selection of food that I can consume, and I only get to eat three times a day, but i do snack on granola bars, which are easily to get to.

    For breakfast:
    I usually eat two breakfast burritos, 1 hasbrown, cheese grits, and oatmeal. For liquids I drink apple juice, and skim milk. My breakfast can be changed to eat more nutritious for example. Cereal, oatmeal, and fruit. But I want to add mass, so I need to eat as many calories as possible. Well that covers it for breakfast.

    For lunch:
    I usually eat some type of chicken or meat. Most of the time they serve Baked, and Grilled chicken. I also have rice, with mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes or whatever is available.

    For Dinner: Same as lunch

    *I drink water throughout the day mixed with gatorade packets. Out here its measured in liters, and every bottle here is a 1.5 liter. I try to drink two-three day.

    Alright now that you know what im eating, lets move to my workout. I workout right after lunch from about 3pm - 4:30ish. I am mostly concentrating on my upper body, because I do alot of walking throughout the day that keeps my legs in somewhat shape. I've been trying to find a good mass workout, and I came up with this one. This mass workout is created by Luis Berrios, I'm going to follow this workout, for about two months and see how the results are. Every two weeks im going to stop working out for a week so that my muscles can get the proper rest. When working out I'll add weight to each set that I do to get a maximum workout. After each workout, I'll be running one mile aswell. Please tell me if what all this information upon food consumption, and the workout that I do is correct.

    That's the workout I'm going to follow, and now the supplements that I'm going to start using. I plan on using the following supplements: Protein, Creatine, L-Glutamine, Multi-Vitamin, Amino Acids, Pro Hormones, and Liver Tablets. I haven't decided on what brands to go with, but I'm on a tight budget, and would like the cheapest but having the most quality possible.

    I'm sorry for this post being how long it is, but I thought that if i'm going to take this seriously, than what I post should be serious. I've spent hours looking, and researching for the information that I posted and I would like some feedback please. Please critize, and comment on what needs to be changed, dropped, and added. I would also like some comments on the supplements, which brands to go with, and where to find them! thankyou for your time.


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    I would argue that your current diet isn't going to gain you 20lbs, unless the portions are larger than I assume that they are. Further, you need to eat between meals; with supplementation, you can do this (i.e. a shake between lunch and dinner, a shake after dinner). At your height and weight, I'd imagine you need 3,800+ calories to bulk; my maintanece calories are 3,500, and I'm about your size.

    I'd suggest doing legs, if only to get a full body workout.

    I think that's a horrible workout; the only day that seems really useful is the arm day. 3 different calf exercises? I'm a believer in low reps, but 3x3 for every chest and shoulder exercise? No pull-ups and/or DB rows for back? I think you're better off with a different routine, or modifying that routine.

    As for supplements, I'm not sure what your options are over there. Are you going to order off the net? Optimum Nutrition whey is good, and just generic, cheap creatine is fine. ON should have some glutamine in it.

    It sounds like you're dedicated -- I'd just research that routine a little more or see what some others have to say.

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    My .02:

    Leave your breakfast the way it is. Your second suggestion has no protein.

    Why take a week off every two? Sounds counterproductive. Maybe a week off every two months, but not every two weeks.

    It's a 4-day split. I imagine you're doing 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, one off. I do the same.

    And I'd ditch the running completely if you're trying to put on mass.

    If you MUST do cardio on a bulk, I'd limit it to EITHER 20-30 mins of fast WALKING in the AM, empty, 3 times a week on non-lifting days, OR 20 minutes of fast walking after training (never before). Or maybe one session of HIIT on a non-lifting day instead of one of the 20-minutes sessions of steady-state.

    Personally, I do no cardio on a bulk.

    If you're on a tight budget, ditch the glutamine and stick to extra protein - get a good whey shake in there for pre and post lifting. Make sure you add dextrose or maltodextrin to the post workout shake.

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    taking a week off might cause your progress to be a little slow. workout for a month or two and then, if you feel that you need a break, take one. the way you are planning right now will probably slow your resluts. as far as your diet, it looks alright. you might want to try to get some good fats. you are probably burning a lot of calories just doing your job over there, so eat a lot. if you are going to do cardio, you need to up your calories even more to compensate. read the "what a bodybuilder eats" sticky to find out what else would be good to eat.

    good luck and thank you

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    alright guys let me change some things up..

    I'm going to be drinking protein shakes before and after each meal. For the workout, I am stuck on what I need to do to improve (please advise). For the supplements, I will be ordering these off the net. I won't be able to start using them until end of april when my break comes up. Being out here I don't think im going to be able to bulk up like my goal is. So I think im going to change that goal more to defining my muscles. I'm going to lift hard everyday for two months take a week off and hit it again. What do you think about that? If there is anything else that you see needs to be changed please let me know.

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