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Thread: What the terms in job adverts really mean!!!

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    Salary - you don't get paid for overtime
    Professional Atmosphere - you have to dress up everyday

    Casual Atmosphere - you work with a bunch of slobs

    Excellent Benefits - you get health care, but no dental

    Good benefits - you get paid vacations, but only after you/ve been there a year

    Benefits - you get free coffee

    Life and Disability Insurance Benefit - dangerous work

    Flexible Hours - you have to stay late to meet deadlines

    Small Company - you have to do everything yourself

    Growing Company - you have to act like you know what you're doing

    Established Company - don't try to change anything

    Dynamic Company - our stock price fluctuates wildly

    Entry-level - you have to do the dirty work

    On the Job Training - you have to figure it out yourself

    No experience necessary - mindless job, minimum wage

    Work outdoors - work outdoors in the rain

    Customer Service - people complain to you all day
    Team-Oriented - be prepared to take the blame

    Career-minded Individuals Required - we want you to work here for 30 years

    Apply in person - we discriminate against ugly people

    Fast-paced environment - stressful

    Work Independently - there will be no one to help you

    Transportation Required - you're going to put a lot of miles on your car

    Some travel required - travel all the time

    Up to $45,000 a year - $35,000 a year

    Up to $35,000 a year - $25,000 a year

    Up to $25,000 a year - barely above minimum wage

    Computer proficiency required - you will sit in a cubicle all day

    Suburban work environment - sit in traffic on your way to work

    Downtown location - you have to pay for parking

    Must have own truck - must have your own truck and your own equipment, too
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