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Thread: Genetics

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    Right now I am currrently 5 ft 10 1/2 inch.
    My father is the same height. He's 50 and weighs at about 175.
    He has never been big ever in his life. He has a small gut also.
    As a 23 year old, is there a limit to how big I can be.
    How far can you deviate from how your parents look?
    I'm at 171 or so right now. I'm looking to reaching 180 sometime this year. It seems to be impossible since my gains have slowed to a halt the past 3 months.
    I'm not looking to be 225 lbs. I just want to be ripped at 180 someday.
    Is that too much to ask?


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    do you want this moved to someplace other than journals? training maybe? or is this a journal starting with a rhetorical question?
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