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Thread: Powerlifting Diet

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    Powerlifting Diet

    Hello Everyone,

    Well I am 180 lbs right now as we speak. I recently met someone and am now training WESTSIDE. I am going to do a meet in March (APF). Here are my questions:

    1) Should I compete in the 165 division or 181 division? I would say my bench right now is 315 without a shirt.

    2) My diet is as follows (40% protein, 35% carbs, 25% fat)
    2700 Calories
    270 Protein Grams
    236 Carbs
    75 Fat

    How does that look? I am right now 180 lbs, 15% Bodyfat....

    Thanks guys and I know I wrote the "High Protein Diet" post, I just want to make sure my diet is accurate. Thanks and take care


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    Things to consider--

    What are your lifts now?

    How much do you want to improve?

    Can you drop 15 lbs and either maintain your strength or increase it?
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    15 lbs in 5 to 8 weeks could be tough and draining.
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    i agree that would be hard

    muscle loss

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    You should just keep gaining weight till you hit 185 or so then just dont drink water befor the weigh in. Doesn APF have a 24 hour weigh in or just the regualr 1-2hours?
    Is this your first meet?
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