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Thread: anybody tried abcde diet?

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    i read the article, but wondered how u guys think of this? any experiences w/ this?
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    everybody that i talked to about this diet had/have good results. i myself dont really like the roller coaster motion of this diet. its too restricting of a plan to follow, i like to keep things simple. IMO

    if your thinking of trying it gung ho, id say go for it, i heard it works really well.

    i think one of the moderators, i cant remember, is it Gino who used the ABCDE diet, but im sure there are more people on here that will give you some first-hand opinions.

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    It worked well for me, however I do prefer the "traditional" consistant diet. Seeing ripped abs and then seeing them start to disappear a couple weeks later is tough. It plays games with your mind...on the high calorie weeks, I'd feel like I wasn't eating enough, and on the low calorie weeks I'd feel like I was eating too much. Go figure. You'd think it would be the opposite...
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    I'm in my 3rd week of the program. I've got an on-line journal to keep track of my progress and things seem to be VERY GOOD right now. Check it out if you can follow my progress and see if it interest you.
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    i personally am going to try my own version of it.. im gonna bulk for 4 weeks then for 2 weeks following im going to bulk on the weight days and cut on the off days see how it goes

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