Hi all,

I have just finished a cut ready for an extended holiday abroad (6 weeks). I didn't lose quite as much bf as I had hoped but I have trimmed down to around 175lb, approx 12/13%bf (I am 5'10.5"). Whilst I am away I will probably only manage to get to the gym about 3 times per week. Also due to the amount of things I need to pack for 5 weeks away I will not be able to take any supplements with me so I am likely to be a bit lacking in protein whilst I am away as it is not easy to take in 200 gms plus of protein when moving from hotel to hotel and spending a lot of time on planes...
My goal is simply to maintain my current physique as much as possible - ie minimise fat gains and minimise muscle loss. My question is what tips do people have when travelling away from home to help with this? My current cutting routine has involved a four day split of:
Day1: Chest, bis
Day2: Legs, shoulders
Day3: Back, tris
Day 4: Rest
Repeated with cardio morning and post-workout.

While away I had planned to switch to a full body workout due to the reduced frequency I will be able to work out. Do people agree with that? What about cardio? Cut out? Do a little?

Food: I will try and eat plenty of eggs and cold meats at breakfast for protein, some sort of chicken type lunch and then a steak in the evening. Hopefully that way my protein can be kept reasonably high. I am going to have to face the fact that I will be having to get by on 3 meals a day though by and large. What level of carbs would people suggest to assist with my goals during this period?

Thanks for reading. Any help/thoughts gratefully appreciated!