This forum has some specific rules and guidelines over and above those in the Member Guidelines. Ideally we wouldn't need these extra rules as common sense would rule the day but unfortunately many people seem to lack that common sense so we need to spell it out.

1) This is for pictures and videos of the MEMBERS, primarily with a focus on BODYBUILDING. This is not facebook or myspace or what have you. It is a place to post, to view, to critique and to be critiqued with regards to physique.

2) Pictures/videos should be tasteful, physique-oriented and suitable for viewing by minors and/or by people at work (i.e. worksafe). This is already in the Guidelines but I'm reiterating it here. This generally means NO female nipples and NO genitals of either sort. No bare bottoms. Use your good sense. Anything sexually suggestive will be deleted by the mods and may result in a user infraction.

3) You may NOT post pictures of OTHER PEOPLE without their permission.

4) Learn the meaning of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and when making comments about someone else's physique photos, employ that mode criticism. This doesn't mean you can't be honest in your opinion, but you should back up what you say and you should be respectful.

4a) Also learn how to accept criticism gracefully. We're not here to blow sunshine up your ass. We're here to give you honest, fair opinions. Don't be devastated if not everything you read is positive.

5) Sexual harassment will NOT BE TOLERATED. If a female is brave enough to post physique pictures here, she should be treated as an equal in the iron game and evaluated in terms of her physique and musculature just like a male. She should not have to tolerate a bunch of jackasses making sexually suggestive comments. This goes both ways... ladies, please restrain yourselves from making suggestive comments about the hot male bodies in this forum. We're not pieces of meat you know!