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Thread: I desire to be ripped. Not nescessarily "big" (there is a question)

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    I desire to be ripped. Not nescessarily "big" (there is a question)

    It occurs to me I may be going about it the wrong way...probably should've seen it sooner... <_<;;

    Anyways here's what I do

    DB Incline Press 2x6
    Weighted Dips*
    Weighted Chinups*
    BO DB Rows*

    Closegrip Bench*
    Standing Tricep pushdowns*
    Preacher Curls*
    Hammer Curls 2x6
    Weighted Incline situps 3x8
    Shrugs 3x12

    Squats 2x6
    Hack Squats 2x6
    Leg Curls 3x8
    Standing Calf Raises 3x12
    SL Deads 2x6

    Everything with a * is 3x6

    So anyways my understanding is that 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps is ideal for Hypertrophy, the increasing of muscle size, right? So if I'm not bent about muscle size, which I'm not, I'm going for ripped, then should I be doing higher reps and sets?

    I don't know anything. You tell me.


    Edit: you might need this


    Yes I am "eating the house down" >_>
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    Ripped = low body fat.
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    I have extremely low body fat. You can see my spine from 100 yards away (exaggerated), and my ribs protrude from the front at least an inch (NOT exaggerated).

    I am pretty ripped already, but I desire MORE

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    you want to be more ripped? lose more body fat while keeping all your muscle. means you have to eat less than maintenance and do heavy weights to hold onto your muscle.
    or, eat more and gain more muscle. dont gain too fast, or body fat will come with it. you may have to cut after you do this.

    to sum up as unholy said, you have to lower your body fat. do this by either losing fat and keeping your current lbm, or gain lbm while keeping your body fat where its at. certain reps/sets wont get your ripped, having a low bf% will

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    Quote Originally Posted by freac View Post
    I am pretty ripped already, but I desire MORE
    No your not, your skinny.

    Eat clean and above maintenance calories while lifting heavy ass weights with good form and you will be ripped eventually. Bulk hard because right now you are underweight, then once you have your desired size, keep bulking and THEN cut. If you bulk to the size you want, then go on a cut, you will be smaller than what you wanted to be in the end.

    Kinda confusing the way I put it but i'm sure someone else can word it better.
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    Your not gonna become Ronnie Coleman over night, or over a decade to be honest most likely. So just lift weights, get stronger, eat right, and you'll be "ripped".
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    6'1 152 lbs? Try eating things.

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    To get the look you want, you're gonna need to pack on some mass.
    You may not want to get, "Big," but the only way for you to get the look you want is to get bigger.

    You're a stick. Pack on some mass. For the look you want, I imagine you're going to need to be around 190-200 pounds or maybe more. And that's with a low body fat percentage of course.
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    Perhaps what freac means is that he's not interested in doing a massive bulk - but wants to grow and stay relatively lean. That's what I'm catching from his post at any rate.

    freac, just keep your gains down to a dull roar and lift well. If you don't gain, eat more. If you gain too fast (look in the mirror - you'll know!), just slow it down a bit on the eats.

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    If you are attempting what "Built" said. I think we are in the same shoes. But you have to first realize you're skinny. just because you can see your abs doesn't mean you're "ripped".

    I am started at 6' 144 lbs, and am now about 161...I'm hoping to be lean and athletic, I am going to take things up to 170-175 lbs and see how they are around there, but a lean 170-180 lbs is likely my goal.

    You still need to eat.

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    keep lifting and eat right and alot

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    I would say to be ripped at your height you would need atleast 200-210 and sub 10% bodyfat. I am 6'ish and 220 and could stand to drop down another 4% to be "ripped". It all depends on where your body builds muscle. My legs grow easily where my arms do not. Eat clean and lift heavy as others have said. Keep track of what your lifts are and what you are eating. Good luck.
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    Just a note: by the general public's opinion, I'm sure you're ripped. But, on this board, it won't fly.

    Do what Built said.

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