Recently I have shifted my goals. About a month ago I started doing MMA training again and my BB routine just isn't cutting it, so I made something using advice taken from the people on this board and one other that I belong to.

New goal:

1) Increase anaerobic and aerobic conditioning tremendously (muscle endurance, explosiveness, power).

2) Regain and increase my core strength.

3) Lose ~15lbs of excess weight (185 now, could prob get to about 165 or so).. Speed and efficiency a must.

The last time I did anything as strenuous as MMA was wrestling in high school (7 years ago). I'm not sure how to describe it, but I seem to have lost my core strength. I've also lost my ability to maintain strenuous activity without becoming gassed.

I decided to go with a two day, full body routine. I experimented with this today but have a few questions

Tues/Thurs (circuit style)

BB Bench
Chin Ups
Over Head Press

Bike with heart rate @ ~155-160 for 18 minutes.

I do the above circuit 3 times, all exercise get 10 reps. I do it in the gym so I have to share the machines, but I do the circuit as fast as possible. By the end of each circuit I'm dead. I used very light weight, probably a quarter of what a normal set of each exercise would use. My movements were fast and explosive. My question is, should I stick with the light weight and and keep my reps fast, or should i increase the weight and be forced to slow down and struggle with each rep? Also, I feel like I'm missing some rowing motion, wondering if I should throw it in there and omit one of the other movements, or add it to the existing movements and deal with it. I left the gym completely exhausted, my upper body was toasted but my lower still felt a little neglected.

Mon/Weds/Fri is spent training at the gym doing JiuJitsu, grappling, boxing/kick boxing, bag work, sparring, rope work, suicides and whatever else, for as long as two and half hours. I get up in the morning at 6am and hit the bike at the gym for 45 minutes at moderate heart rate (~120-125), stretch and jump some rope. I start training at the gym at 7pm and its pretty grueling.

Please correct, add, modify anything you see fit.. I appreciate it..