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Thread: Very excited to train tonight

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    Very excited to train tonight

    I get so excited for my ME bench days. I can't wait to go in tonight. I'm aiming for a 500+ on the incline tonight. I swear as soon as Monday hits all I can think about all week is getting in for my ME work on Friday. Who else here just cannot wait to get into the gym? What is wrong with us.

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    Good luck buddy. I've always loved deadlifts the most. Think it comes from the training I used to do when I was an olympic lifter. Just love the movement, squats too.

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    I get that way sometimes too.

    I'm trying rack squats for the first time tonight, which is enough to get me excited!
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    im like that too vinny, its like crack dude.

    500+ incline wow bro good luck.
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    Yeah, for some reason heavy bench day always gets me excited. And I'm not a good bencher. I'm way better at squats, but who the hell likes doing squats? I like my Bench day on thrusday so much, I told my boss I can only work the late shift that day. If I don't lift, I go through withdrawl.

    Also, 500 incline is obsurd. I can't even count that high.

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    kick some ass tonight man!!

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    I always look forward to ME days...especially if I'm going for a new PR!
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    ME days are the best. whenever DE comes by, i just feel like throwing on big weight.

    goodluck on the 500! make sure to have 4 spotters...the 4th to grill your chicken breast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtteg_x View Post
    the 4th to grill your chicken breast!
    The hell you on about boy? Send that ****er down to Wendys!

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