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Thread: WEC and Tap Out Reality SHow

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    WEC and Tap Out Reality SHow

    Anyone see this? WEC had Frank Mir doing color. The buzz and energy didn't seem to come through the TV like in PRide and UFC. Seemed to be low budget, but good to see some different fighters.

    Tap Out Reality show is kind of cool, the three guys are kind of jokers, but their passionate about the sport and its kind of cool seeing inside Greg Jackson's camp. The eye makeup is kind of stupid IMO.
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    It's funny how they're endorsing a fighter, and his opponent is also wearing Tapout trunks. Tapout is the most prefered fight trunks. I was a bit surprised that the Tapout crew wasn't necessarily balling... I thought they were, but the way they talked to Matt Serra, it seemed like they were still pretty small.

    Also, it's funny how they let go off Matt Serra and threatened him they'll quit endorsing him when they get too big for him... little did they know that Serra would go on to upset GSP.

    BTW WEC is the sister org of UFC. Filho (a top 3 MW) just got signed to it, which sucks because UFC has the better MW division by far... it's a waste of talent.

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    As far as I know, UFC purchased WEC in order to add lighter-weight divisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootermcgavin7 View Post
    As far as I know, UFC purchased WEC in order to add lighter-weight divisions.
    Really? If they hadn't already I'm sure they will snatch it up to maintain the monopoly.

    WEC is kind of cool. UFC is better, but I enjoy watching lighter weight fights as well. Tapout show is pretty good too. Demasio Paige looks like a pretty good fighter that they found. I don't know what is up with Skyscrape's hair though. Reminds my of Verejo from the Cavs. I like what that dude mask said about his mask "The mask is with me, I'm not with the mask" lol


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