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    Since I read Anthony's post on metabolism...I've been doing some thinking. What determines hunger rate in an individual? I've compared myself to others and found I have a rather large appetiate. I'm always hungry, even while eating above maintance calories, yet some of my friends can eat half as much as I do and never feel starved. I thought your hunger and metabolism rate where affected by each other. Yet I've noticed that I can eat 2x my metabolism rate and still want more. I just keep eating. What are some ways to decrease the cravings......I've heard about appetiate suppresent pills, seltzer water...anyothers???

    If you guys could post up some links or references to books it would be appreciated...
    thanks to whoever responds
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    A great deal of hunger is hormonal. A diet based on carbohydrates tends to tell the body that it wants more, because you are burning sugars and carbs for energy instead of fat or protein. I am on the NHE program which is a cyclical high protein diet, most of my energy comes from burning fat and some protein. Am I ever hungry? Maybe if I've slept for ten hours. I am rarely ever hungry, I forget to eat sometimes. When I was massing I was only eating about 23-2700 cals a day and I forget to eat dinner whereas when I was on a regular carb-based massing plan I was eating the same amount of calories and I was staring at the clock craving every single bite. This is mainly because my hormones arent telling me to eat when I dont need to.
    I'm definitely not advertising the NHE program, I am using it as an example as to why you might be hungry even though you are eating 30x your body weight every day. I know many people are skeptical towards NHE and other anabolic diet type plans.

    Another reason may be that you are not eating enough fat or protein in each meal, or overall. Maybe add a tablespoon of natty pb to each meal to help the meal stick to your ribs.

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    right on budiak!

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    Originally posted by Budiak
    Maybe add a tablespoon of natty pb to each meal to help the meal stick to your ribs.
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