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Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12)

The depressing truth is that the majority of gym goers and internet posters have achieved nowhere near the growth that they are a capable of.  They label themselves hard gainers and go months, often years making very little gains.

The most frustrating thing is for the most part, it’s not through want of trying. It’s normally always because of a non optimal training and nutritional base plan, yet trainees agonise over the most intricate details which ultimately make no difference without the proper foundations nailed down.

And to make things worse, fitness magazines and websites are loaded with routines that promise outlandish and unrealistic gains. They normally have a professional athlete as the front person for the program who will have exceptional genetics and will also undoubtedly be getting a little assistance behind the scenes (read: using anabolic steroids)

It stops now – Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12)

We are going to release what we believe is the best muscle building program out there – Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12).

But we can’t in good conscience just pile on more info; so rather than ram it down your throats with promises of huge gains, we’re also going to give you the science behind why Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT-12) works, so you’re not only armed with a program for getting as big as you possibly can, but you’re also able to critically evaluate what everyone else out there is trying to sell you.

We are also going to outline specifically how you should eat for maximum muscle gain and how you can individualize your nutrition plan so that it fits your body type and goals.

And all of this without the crap and stunts that many other programs pull.

When will it be released?

Right now, we’re aiming for Monday May 3rd. 2010.

You may have already heard that we are currently testing the program on 25 Wannabebig members and we’re already seeing some great results.

We have skinny guys who are packing on weight quicker than they could have ever imagined and we have overweight guys who are shedding weight and looking fuller as the weeks go on. And everyone is getting progressively stronger.

We will be releasing an article before May 3rd, giving you more information on the concepts behind Hypertrophy Cluster Training so keep an eye out for that!

In the mean time, if you have any questions about the program or how the group is getting on, you can ask them here – Hypertrophy Cluster Training (HCT) Program – Questions.  Daniel Roberts (program creator) and some of the 25 participants in the test group will be on hand to answer any questions!