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Sequence Your Training for Optimal Results

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Sequence Your Training for Optimal Results by Chris Mason With the recent massive increase in the popularity of training multiple fitness components simultaneously (CrossFit being the driving force of this movement) the topic of exercise sequencing for optimal results has become particularly poignant. Physical fitness and performance are comprised of many different specific attributes. For example, strength has many forms ... Read More »

CrossFit Legend Chris Spealler Q&A 2nd Installment

Author Chris Spealler

Question: Chris, how do you alter your training immediately following a competition? The competition that you have just completed and the time of year largely dictate the recovery process afterwards. By the way, and to digress from the question for a moment, if you are serious about being competitive in CrossFit it’s a good idea to do some local or ... Read More »

Being Real – an interview with f=ma, Invain and Behemoth


In July, I wrote an article for Wannabebig called “Get Real.” The article was a discussion of my views on the flaws of the bodybuilding media (magazines and Internet) and how those perceptions may act as a disservice to those at the grassroots level who are trying to find their way in lifting. My contention was that the average person ... Read More »

Get Real


Bodybuilding magazines — pro or con? I find that I ask myself that question often. Do the mags serve their purchasers by providing useful info, motivating stories and inspirational photos or do they erode enthusiasm, misinform readers and develop expectations that are unrealistic? Let examine the goals of bodybuilding magazines. First off, as in any business their goal is to ... Read More »

Pecking Order


His name was Mario, but due to the stupid looking tattoo on his shoulder, I insisted on referring to him as Canario. “It’s a parrot!” he’d yell. “I’m no ornithologist, but it looks like a canary to me. Or maybe a swallow? What are you trying to say by having a swallow tattooed on your arm?” He would shake his ... Read More »